Cheer/Routine Generator 4.0
Motion Plug-in 13

Now you can add kicks & kicklines to your cheers and routines!


Routine Generator 4.0

Stunt Plug-in 1
Pyramids & Basket Tosses

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Rated 5 Stars!
"This is definitely a
must-have for any cheerleader, coach and squad."


"This is just really fabulous software! A cheerleader's dream!"
-American Internet
Cheerleading Magazine

Cheer Generator 4.0
featured in
CheerBiz News
April-May 2005

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Routine Generator 4.0
Routine Generator 4.0 is cheerleading choreography software that aids users in visualizing motion sequences, formations, or entire routines in an easy-to-use environment. Creating, teaching and learning new material is made easy with Routine Generator 4.0! Even import your own competition and rally music or use built-in music mixed by to run with the animated preview of your routine!

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Sample Routine 1
Sample Routine 2

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Cheer Generator 4.0
Get ready to cheer with the Cheer Generator Version 4.0 Software!
You asked for it and now you've got it! It all started with Cheer Generator 3.0. Now we have taken the Cheer Generator to the
next level. Cheer Generator is the first product of it's kind to combine a powerful realistic design tool, with fun easy-to-use features for the do-it-yourself Cheerleading Coach,
Choreographer or Cheerleader. Whether you are creating
sidelines for games, preparing material for your camps and
clinics, choreographing your competition routine, or just begining to learn the basics of cheerleading, this is the program for you!

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